What We Do

Did you know that around one in eight people in the UK find it difficult or impossible to read standard print books because of sight loss, dyslexia or a disability which makes it difficult to hold a book or turn a page?

Do you work in adult literacy or ESOL?

Do you deliver Functional Skills English, Skills for Life ESOL or GCSE English?

Do you work with learners who experience difficulties with any of the following?

  • Reading confidently?
  • Sounding out the pronunciation of words?
  • Seeing normal-sized print?
  • Reading comfortably without colour overlays?
  • Finding reading materials at a simple literacy level, which are appealing for adult readers.

Would it be helpful to have more information on how to make online and mobile resources more accessible to your learners who have print disabilities?

We attempt to raise awareness of the importance of accessibility everyone in the supply chain, including publishers, device manufacturers, and retailers. www.publishers.org.uk/campaigns/accessibility/

We have a strong track record of partnership and collaboration with the book industry. We work closely with the Publishers Association, particularly its Accessibility Action Group.  You can find a wide range of information and guidance about accessibility on their website, including Joint Statements on

  • Accessibility and eBooks
  • Audio books
  • Copyright and Intermediate copies

We contribute to the annual accessibility seminar at the London Book Fair.

We are actively involved in campaigning for international agreements on the availability of accessible formats across borders.